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Visual Thinking is Mind Mapping on Steroids

Visual Thinking is Mind Mapping on Steroids

I am a huge fan of Dan Roam’s Back of the Napkin.

There’s lots of great books out there, don’t get me wrong but this is a particularly special one for a number of reasons. It gets the brain thinking on a different level. It takes the linear process out of thinking and it allows you to step back from words alone. It allows us to understand the mechanics of ‘how we see’ What we see, is what the brain processes in sensory perceptions, distance, space, time, locality, formulas, patterns.

I’m fascinated by how humans are exceptional at seeing patterns. Dan Roam spent 30 years understanding that type of information and so once you get the six ways we see, therefore the six pictures that we need to draw to accommodate that, it makes a lot of sense.

Here is an excerpt, from “The Back of the Napkin.” This diagram demonstrates the six ways we see and therefore the six pictures to draw. It’s not only about the mechanics of the eye, but also how the brain processes the who, what, why, where and when effectively. We can draw pictures to complement that. Once you can complement those pictures to the way your audience wants to see, you communicate on a completely different level with your audience.

Not only can you benefit yourself from mapping things out, but this also becomes mind mapping on steroids. By using visual imagery, you are tapping into the psychology of breaking a problem down, stripping it away to its bare essentials and then mapping that. Once you can map that problem out to an audience of subject matter experts who have some level of expertise in an area that would be beneficial to a team, you can facilitate team meetings that are just absolutely amazing! These meetings are mind-blowing, and until you’ve experienced one, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

So that’s why I’m super psyched about a lot of books but more so for this book in particular. Get it on Amazon, read the reviews. The reviews are outstanding. They’re some of the best reviews, there are hundreds and hundreds of books that have been sold on Amazon, if not thousands. And the reviews are all 4.9 star. That’s as good as it gets. Read the book and then share your big take-aways with us in our Visual Thinking for Business Groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.



Australian course leader for The Back of The Napkin™

Chris is a business development professional, trainer, entrepreneur and is the Managing Director of a manufacturing company. Starting his career in IT in the 90’s, Chris moved into marketing and business development and has been running businesses and consulting ever since. Chris met Ai-Yat at the 2017 Business Model Generation Masterclass, where he was also introduced to The Back of the Napkin™ and saw an opportunity to bring it to Australia.

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