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A powerful simple and fun way to solve business problems

Visual thinking is using our innate ability to see, to discover previously invisible ideas, develop those ideas in a rapid and intuitive way, and then share those ideas with other people in a way they simply “get.”

Any problem can be made clearer with a picture, and any picture can be created using a set of tools and the rules for its use.

The six story lines of design thinking

The core of the workshop is learning to use The Visual Problem-Solving Toolkit™ – a powerful new way of looking at problems and their solutions.

Based on solid research by the globally recognised author and management consultant, Dan Roam.


Based on the best selling book “The Back of the Napkin™”The Back of the Napkin Books

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Join the CEOs, teachers, project managers, doctors, engineers, assembly-line workers, pilots, coaches, financial analyst, students, parents and lawyers who have discovered the power of solving problems with visual thinking.

Ai-Yat and Chris invite you to this two-day workshop designed to tap into your innate visual problem-solving ability.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a whole new way of looking at business problems more quickly, understanding them more intuitively, addressing them more confidently, and conveying results to others more rapidly
  • Learn to solve problems with pictures
  • Learn how to think visually – how to look better – how to see sharper – how to imagine further – how to show newly discovered ideas.

Course Contents

  1. Why pictures? What is Visual Thinking?
  2. What problems? What pictures? What people?
  3. The Visual Thinker Spectrum
  4. The Visual Thinking Toolkit
  5. Tapping into your Minds-Eye
  6. The Visual Thinking Problem-Solving Process
  7. The Six ways we see – The Six ways to draw
  8. Seeing with our audiences’ eyes
  9. Putting it together – drawing conclusions.


  • This is a highly interactive workshop – participants will learn through short lectures, hands-on exercises, group discussions and experience sharing, presentations and feedback.

Our Promise

  • If you are not satisfied, we will work with you to ensure you can use this to solve your problems.


Ai-Yat Goh

Asia Pacific course leader for The Back of The Napkin™

Ai-Yat is a trainer, a storyteller, an artist, entrepreneur and visual thinking master. She is the principal course leader for The Back of The Napkin™ for Digital Roam Inc. (US). A former senior banker and the managing consultant of SBF Group of Consulting Companies, she advocates for agility at work and in business to succeed in an ever-changing environment. She uses stories based on personal experiences in her work as a trainer to teach business lessons and to mentor others in their career.

Christopher Dawson

Australian course leader for The Back of The Napkin™

Chris is a business development professional, trainer, entrepreneur and is the Managing Director of a manufacturing company. Starting his career in IT in the 90’s, Chris moved into marketing and business development and has been running businesses and consulting ever since. Chris met Ai-Yat at the 2017 Business Model Generation Masterclass, where he was also introduced to The Back of the Napkin™ and saw an opportunity to bring it to Australia.

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