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Visual Thinking



An extremely powerful way to clarify, comprehend and communicate ideas.
Reduce training timeincrease engagement and  supercharge productivity!

Are you in Leadership?

Clarify your vision and share it so that other people see where you want to go

Are you a Sales Professional?

Deeply understand a problem and then show other people that you have a way to solve it

Are you an Innovator?

Look at things in a new way and find ways to make those things undeniably better

Are you a Trainer?

Map out the steps of what you do so that you can show other people how they can do it too

BusinessWeek‘s best innovation book of the year

A Fast Company best business book of the year

The (London) Times business creativity book of the year

“A must read for younger generation managers.”

“Roam shows that even the most analytical right-brainers can work better by thinking visually.”

“[Roam] shows you how to create simple drawings…that are simple but effective tools in breaking down complex notions and letting you share an idea across cultures and levels of expertise with aplomb.”
Fast Company


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